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Mazona Stoves

Mazona Stoves is committed to distributing top quality carbon neutral stoves that also protect the environment.

Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere so our stoves burn wood that carbon is then released back into the atmosphere.

We offer a number of cast iron stoves, from the Orlando range to the Luxor and Cairo stoves all with airwash systems.


Optional High and Low legs are available for the Cairo and Luxor Stoves. There is also an option for an alternative fuel retainer bar for the Cairo and Luxor.


A range of add in boilers are currently in development and will be available for the Orlando range later this year, and may also become available for other models. The addition of a boiler allows the heat from the stove to be used for domestic hot water. In the large Orlando the boiler can be used to heat radiators as well. The stove bodies come with blanked off holes ready for boilers.


Glass, ashpans, heat & baffle plates, fuel retainer bars and operation tools. All parts from your Mazona stove are replaceable and available through your stockist.

High temperature resistant matt stove paint is also available for touching up your stove and keeping it looking like new. Other colours are available please quote model of stove when ordering paint.

Micon Distribution represents the Mazona brand in Ireland and is a leading distributor of fireplaces, stoves and associated products throughout all of Ireland.

The Mazona Brand is available in mainland UK through Gr8 Fires.