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What are the benefits of a mult-fuel Mazona stove
All our Mazona multi-fuel stoves will burn wood, coal and peat briquettes. A Mazona Stove is much more efficient than an open fire (40-50% more efficient) allowing better control over the rate of burn and heat output to the room.

What size of Mazona stove should I have?
Generally the size of stove required depends on the size of the room to be heated. Our stoves range from 4-5KW for the Small Orlando up to 9-11KW for our large Orlando. For a quick heat calculator click here. If in the future a boiler is added these figures will of course need to be adjusted.

What type of wood should I use in my Mazona stove
When it comes to the type of wood that is needed its not so much the type of wood but how well it has been seasoned. Fresh wood has a high moisture content and not only will it be harder to light but it will also be less efficient with delivering heat than well seasoned wood. The increase in moisture also produces a tarry deposit in the chimney that can stain or even catch fire. Ideally, wood should be well cut up and seasoned for at least a year and preferably two years. The wood should be seasoned in a well ventilated area.

What type of coal should I use in my Mazona Stove
We advise users to use Chinacite or German Anthracite coal. Its not recommended to use Coalite, ordinary house coal or petro-coke.

What is Airwash
This is a design feature that keeps the glass front of the stove clean allowing the user to enjoy a brighter flame. This is achieved by having vents to draw cool air into the stove and passing it over the glass front.