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The Orlando stoves, have a traditional feel but with modern secondary air burn technology. This ensures that you get a good flame picture from your stove. With the exception of the small Orlando, all the stoves in this range feature a side entry fuelling door for larger logs which burn for longer.


Small Orlando
The small Orlando cast iron stove has features which include top or rear flue outlets, riddling multifuel grate and airwash secondary air clean burn technology. Pictures here with the Greek 66" micro-marble surround and afire chamber that is lined with reeded Tekniform vermiculite panels which absorbs less heat than traditional masonry meanibg that more heat is directed back into the room.
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Single Door Orlando
Introducing the New Single door Orlando, identical in size and output as with the twin door version, but with a single door offering a clear view into the fire chamber. Features include the option of top or rear flue outlet, riddling multifuel grate, airwash secondary air clean burn technology and side fuelling door for longer lags which mean you refuel less often.
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The Orlando stove is the backbone of the Orlando family. The Orlando stove has a traditional appearance but has the efficient design of a very modern stove. The decorative pattern on the outside of the casting increases the surface area which in turn increases the ammount of heat radiated into the room.
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Large Orlando
The large Orlando has all the benefits of the Orlando's efficient design including fins on the rear panel to increase transfer of heat into the room but with increased output. This stove is ideal for heating large open living spaces. Development of an add-in boiler is underway for this model.
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