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Carbon Neutral

As it grows, a tree absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and when it is burnt that carbon is released to the atmosphere, therefore, as a fuel, WOOD is Carbon Neutral. All Mazona multi fuel stoves are carbon neutral when fuelled by wood. Mazona recommends you use wood from a responsibly cultivated source.


All our stoves use secondary air combustion air wash systems which result in a more complete burn, thus providing more heat and less smoke. On all our Cast iron models there is an airwash system which directs a curtain of heated fresh air across the back of the glass and into the fire chamber. The Nile stove takes this principle one step further and directs air into the front and rear of the chamber to give a beautifully clear and efficient flame.


Carbon Neutral Wood is a recommended fuel for all Mazona stoves and for the best results we recommend that logs should be of a hardwood like Ash or similar and seasoned for 2 years or more. This allows the wood to dry out and the moisture content to subside to less than 20%. Fuelling your stove on properly seasoned wood will not only double the stove’s heat output compared to freshly felled or green timber but will also help avoid a build up of tar in the flue.
Other recommended fuels; Coal and Lignite.


Petroleum based fuels like Pet Coke must not be used in any Mazona product as the temperatures created will dramatically shorten the lifespan of your product and will invalidate any warranty offered with the product.

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